Escorting Is A Unisex Profession

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Being an escort has been labeled as if, it’s restricted to females only. In real this profession has same ratio and significance in opposite gender too (males). In our society unfortunately things are discussed from single perspective only, if we say male prostitute or male escort it may sound weird unnatural or unacceptable in some countries but truly it’s not. May I ask why? If a man is an escort, naturally nobody is going to treat him (Alas! He is not doing it by choice, maybe he has some reasons?) Will anybody think like that?

On the other hand, there is a very goody image of females in general (no offence) but yes! To all the males out there, females do hire male escorts, they do visit male Newcastle brothels, and they do pay men for fun! Amazed? Unfortunately this is something unacceptable for so many countries (a female cannot hire a male escort for fun). Let’s see it from the other side, in UK, USA and other western countries male strippers, escorts are very common, women of every age visits stripping club, spend nights with random male escorts and pay them accordingly. Traditionally being an escort is like being a dancer (not the conventional type of dancing but, strip dance which includes seduction senses etc.). By the time the term ‘escorting’ started to be used liberally and was mixed with the term ‘prostitution’ truly the meaning of the term prostitution is “to exchange money for sexual pleasure”. Both types can be hired but there is still a thin line in between, moreover these days’ males/females call them an escort but after the deal is done, they provide services of a prostitute as well for some more bucks.

Desire is present in both genders, sex is required and after a certain period of time it is almost unbearable to stop oneself from sex. In the end it’s everyone’s choice to hire or not to hire an Central Coast escorts, point is it’s not just females who are compelled or depressed or defeated to earn bread and are providing such services but, males are also facing the same situation in some countries in order to support families. Although there are two faces of a coin, certainly there are people who are involved purely for pleasure and are not doing it in any suppression or under any pressure.

In our society we must treat both genders equally, if one observes currently we are focusing complete of female issues forgetting that even males are facing almost same issues, but in some different manner (which doesn’t mean they are not facing anything). Try to treat equally instead of judge one and treat others. In a nutshell both genders have desires, fantasies and needs which they satisfy through different ways and among so many escorting, prostitution and strip clubs are some common options. Try to digest things in an educated way, being judgmental is easier than to conclude things logically.

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